NEX Rule 75


Business Description

Directors’ Biographical Details

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Country of Incorporation and Main Country of Operation

Block Energy plc is incorporated in England (Registration Number 05356303). Oil and gas production and development is conducted in the Republic of Georgia and mineral exploration is conducted in the Republic of Ghana.

Constitutional Documents

Details of any other Exchanges or Trading Platforms

The Company's shares are traded solely on the NEX Market.

Number of Securities in Issue

The Company has 235,223,308 Ordinary Shares in issue as at 5th April 2017.

Percentage of Securities not in Public Hands

In so far as the Company is aware, 38.38% of the Issued Share Capital is not in public hands as at 1 June 2015.

Significant Shareholders and Percentage Holdings

Details of any Restrictions on the Transfer of Securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company's securities.

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